History of the Fallen Angels: what they are, who they were and a list of the most important

History of the Fallen Angels: what they are, who they were and a list of the most important

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In the history of religions there is a topic that tends to arouse the curiosity of almost everyone: Fallen angels, better known as "got damn”Although technically this name would not be correct.

Where do they come from? Who were? ¿Which are the most important? These and other questions are what we will try to answer.

What is a fallen angel?

The fallen angels are actually one of the first angels that God created but who moved away from him and they began to question it, which motivated them to be banished from heaven and, many of them, sent to hell. These are known as fallen of God or fallen angels.

What is the source that speaks of the Fallen Angels?

The main source to know the fallen angels is the "Book of Enoch”, An ancient Jewish religious work, traditionally attributed to Enoch, the Noah's great-grandfather, containing unique material on the origin of demons and giants, the explanation of why some angels fell from heaven, and even an explanation of why the Great Flood was morally necessary.

Studies have estimated that the oldest sections of the Book of Enoch, primarily the "Book of the Watchers”, They date from around the year 300 BC, and the last part, the “Book of Parables”, From the 1st century BC.

Contrary to popular belief, the “Book of EnochIt is not part of the biblical canon used neither by Judaism nor by Catholicism in general, but only by the Orthodox Christian churches of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

However, most Christian denominations or traditions they do accept that this book has some historical or theological interest.

It was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and is written mainly in Ge`ez (the language of Ethiopia and hence it is accepted in that country), although it also contains fragments in Aramaic, Greek and Latin.

The origin of the fallen angels

At first, the fallen angels belonged to the celestial group that safeguarded the beginnings of humanity. They were created specifically by God to watch over man, and they were given understanding and freedom.

These characteristics led many of these angels began to question their creator, moving away from him and committing different "sins" that led to God casting them out of heaven, banishing them to hell.

Most of the angels fell for lust, although also by vanity as main reasons.

Why did these angels fall?

Here there are two aspects depending on the source. On the one hand, we find the biblical ones as Lucifer; but on the other, we find the Book of Enoch, where we see that 200 angels fell in total, with Semyazza as main leader, although not the only one, since there were 20 leaders in total. These are known as the «Watchmen«.

Also called Grigori, were sent by God to Earth to watch over humanity, they fell in love with the daughters of men, and, after making a pact between them, they married and begot children with them, knowing what their destiny would be.

His children were the Nephilim Mentioned in the bible, giant demigods, sons of angels and humans.

But it was not only out of lust, even in the case of the Grigori or Watchers, many fell for teaching men the art of war and the creation of weapons, among another series of knowledge that created the imbalance among the first men. For this, it must be taken into account that each Grigori is associated with a different type of wisdom.

List of Most Important Fallen Angels - Top 10 Fallen Angels

Luzbel - Lucifer

Lucifer (“light bearer”), Is also known as Satan, although originally his name is Luzbel (“Beautiful light”). It is the best known fallen Angel of all and who most times appears reflected in the Bible, unlike others that appear in the Book of Enoch.

Lucifer was created by God as his prodigal son. He endowed him with great beauty, intelligence and perfection, with the aim of being the one who organized the rest of the angels.

The enormous power that Lucifer had made his vanity increase, feeling even superior to God and competing against him. This was the reason why God banished him from paradise along with the third part of the heavenly court that had joined him, being the first fallen Angel, the most powerful and the most important of all.


His name means "he sees the name”. It was him leader of the Watchers (Grigori), and who urged the others 199 fallen angels to take human wives to beget children.

Besides the leader of the 200 fallen angels, he was the most important of the 20 leaders, and to whom they all would have sworn allegiance.

The Watchers, convinced by him, came down to Earth to unite with the humans, and he was the one who convinced the angels to teach them the qualities that each possessed.


Yekun is one of the most important Fallen Angels being the Lucifer's first follower. He was responsible for confusing the other angels who would later commit “sins”, and who on Earth was responsible for teaching men to read, write and sign language.


Is he second follower of Lucifer and that he fell next to him, being the first to encourage the other angels to maintain relationships with humans.


Its name comes from 'Azaz’, “Strength of god"According to its translation, although for many the meaning given in Enoch is that of"impudent", that is to say "show strength towards", Which would result in"arrogant to god”.

It was who taught men the art of war, creating swords, knives, shields, and coats, and taught women the art of deception by adorning the body, dyeing their hair, and painting their faces.

Furthermore, it revealed to humans witchcraft secrets and corrupted their manners, leading them to wickedness and impurity

Not to be confused with Azrael, the angel of death in some religions (Judaism and Islam).


Your name means "sun of god”, An appropriate name since the Book of Enoch says that he was the one who taught men the signs of the sun. He was the 16th Warden of the 20 leaders of the 200 Fallen Angels.

God assigned the custody of the Garden of Eden to this angel, once Adam and Eve were expelled from there.

For some sources, Shamsiel is one of the leaders of the 200 fallen angels, while others still consider him a ruler of the Fourth Heaven.

Gadreel or Arakiel

His name literally means "god wall”. It was one of the Chiefs of the Watchers and one of the most important Fallen Angels, the second follower of Semyazza and one of those responsible for inciting the other angels to maintain relationships with humans.

At "Book of Parables" of the "Book of Enoch", People say that he was responsible for tricking Eve into the Garden of Eden. Besides, he was the one who taught men geomancy.

Tamiel (Kasyade)

Also called Kasyade, your name means "hidden power”And is the 5th Watcher of the Fallen Angels. He was the one who taught men about spirits, demons, abortion, and snake bites (evil), showing humanity that they could become as important as God.

Remiel or Ramiel (Rameel)

Your name means "thunder of god"And in the" Book of Enoch "he is referred to as the"in charge of the resurrected”, Being the responsible for leading the dead to reach God during your ascent. He was one of the 20 leaders of the Fallen Angels, condemned for his lust.


One of the Guardians of heaven and who is credited with being the descendant of evil, according to various religions.

Other Important Fallen Angels

  • Agniel: This fallen Angel was the one who taught men the use of roots and herbs.
  • Akibeel: was the fallen Angel responsible for teaching men the Kabbalah symbols, religious text that analyzes the origins of the world.
  • Araziel: His name means "light of God" and taught magic and witchcraft to humanity
  • Daniel or Danel: His name means "God has judged", he is the 7th of the 20 leaders of the Watchers and responsible for teaching humans the solar symbology.
  • Baraqiel or Baraqel: His name means "lightning of God". He is the 9th Warden and was responsible for teaching astrology to humanity.
  • Asael: His name means "made by God" and he was the 10th leader of the Fallen Angels.
  • Armaros (Amaros): Its meaning is "cursed", it is the 11th Watchman and the one who taught humanity to cast and solve enchantments.
  • Batariel: His name means "valley of God" and he is the 12th Guardian of the Grigori.
  • Bezaliel (Bassasael): His name means "shadow of God" and he is the 13th leader of the Fallen Angels.
  • Ananiel: His name means "rain of God" and he was the 14th leader of the Fallen Angels.
  • Zaqiel: His name means "purity of God" and he was the 15th leader of the Fallen Angels.
  • Sathariel: His name means "dawn of God" and he was the 17th leader of the Fallen Angels and before being banished, he represented the concealment of God, who hid the face of mercy.
  • Turiel: His name means "rock of God" and is the 18th leader of the Fallen Angels.
  • Yomiel: His name means "day of God" and was the 19th leader of the Fallen Angels mentioned in the "Book of Enoch."
  • Chazaqiel (Ezequeel or Cambriel): His name means "cloud of God" and he taught men meteorology.
  • Kokabel (Kokabiel, Kakabel, Kabaiel, Kochab): His name means "star of God", and he taught men the astronomy and the name of the constellations.
  • Penemue (Penemuel): he was the one who taught men the lie.
  • Sariel (Suriel): His name means "prince of God", and he was the one who taught humanity about the courses of the moon and the lunar calendar.
  • Urakabarameel- He was one of the most important Fallen Angels, leader of the Watchers and follower of Semyazza.

List of the 20 leaders of the Fallen Angels

  1. Semyazza
  2. Araqiel
  3. Azazel
  4. Kokabiel
  5. Tamiel
  6. Ramiel
  7. Daniel
  8. Chazaqiel
  9. Baragiel
  10. Asael
  11. Armaros
  12. Batariel
  13. Bezaliel
  14. Ananiel
  15. Zaqiel
  16. Shamsiel
  17. Sathariel
  18. Turiel
  19. Yomiel
  20. Sariel

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