Dinosaurs: Bothriospondylus suffossus

Dinosaurs: Bothriospondylus suffossus

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Bothriospondylus file

Translation: Excavated vertebrae
Also known as: Marmarospondylus
Description: herbivore, quadruped
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Sauropodomorpha
Infraorder: Sauropoda
Family: Brachiosauridae
Height: 10.7 meters
Length: 20.1 meters
Period: Late Jurassic

The Bothriospondylus suffossus is the only dinosaur in the Genus Bothriospondylus, and is known from fragmentary remains discovered in Europe and other remains found in Madagascar.

The species was described by Richard Owen in 1875, and its name 'suffossus' means 'undermined' in Latin, which refers to the pleurocele of the spinal column, which are hollowed out on the sides of the vertebrae.

This sauropod had large teeth and a long tail; and its front legs were approximately as long as its back legs.

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