The arrival of the game of roulette in the United States

The arrival of the game of roulette in the United States

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The american roulette It is one of the variants of the most popular roulette in the world of betting, both online and traditional. Roulette to play online is represented one of the innovations presented by this old casino game that is always constantly updated to make it more attractive to players.

Throughout history it has been seen that casino games have been evolving to always favor the house, but this only makes it more interesting for the bettor. Such is the case of American roulette, since it presents a slight advantage over the player, which makes beating the dealer a very exciting time.

In roulette to play with money you can detail the variations that this old game has suffered while betting, since its creation in France, its expansion throughout Europe and the variants produced in the old continent until reaching America thanks to the French emigrants.

All this long journey has made roulettes have so many ways to be played and that in each part of the world there are different rules to be used.

Roulette comes to America due in large part to the wars in EuropeFurthermore, many of the emigrants were French since they were fleeing from the outbreak of the French Revolution of 1848.

The vast majority of travelers came to the United States in search of new and better life opportunities, specifically in the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Upon settling into his new home, there was an immediate cultural exchange, mixing customs, traditions and games, including casino roulette wheels.

At that time, New Orleans was the gambling capital of the southern United States..

Unexpectedly, European roulettes received outright rejection by bookmakers since they did not like the profit margin that said game offered. But immediately the big operators took advantage of the roulette by adding a double zero to the zero and an eagle insignia.

In some versions of American roulette they included only the numbers from 1 to 28, and when the ball landed on 0, 00 or the eagle square, the house won all bets, except those players who had bet on one of those symbols. At that time, the game gave a 12.90% profit margin for the casino on single number bets, favoring the bookmakers.

Consecutively, roulette underwent a transformation again, obtaining 38 numbers ranging from 0 and 00 to 36 and giving a higher margin to casino operators in European roulette, which guaranteed the profits of the bookmakers, but at the same time good payouts for gamblers.

Between the differences that made American roulettes will become more popular than European ones We found the order of the numbers to be different, giving you more excitement and adrenaline as you spin the wheel. The game began to appear more and more in casino halls and quickly gained widespread acceptance among local bettors.

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