A prehistoric parrot one meter high and 7 kilos weight

A prehistoric parrot one meter high and 7 kilos weight

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A team of Australian paleontologists has discovered the fossil remains of the world's largest parrot found so far. It is estimated that he had a height of one meter and weighed 7 kilos. The new species has been found in central Otago, New Zealand, an area well known for hosting different types of large birds.

«Although it is one of the most spectacular birds we have encountered, there are undoubtedly many more unexpected species to discover in this interesting site.”Says Trevor Worthy, a researcher at Flinders University and one of the authors.

Experts have called it Heracles inexpectatus, a name that arises from its large size and Herculean strength and the unexpected nature of the find. The remains have a about 19 million years old.

Its dimensions are twice as large as the New Zealand Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus), which is the largest parrot known so far and is critically endangered.

According to experts, Heracles lived in a subtropical forest where there were many species of laurels and palm trees. "Undoubtedly, these trees provided a rich harvest of fruits that served the diet of Heracles and the other parrots and pigeons he lived with," explains Suzanne Hand, another author.

This new species is now considered the largest parrot in the world, with a huge beak with which it could have eaten not only conventional foods of its kind, but perhaps even other parrots.

Image: Brian Choo / Sync

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