Book and review of ‘Las Argonáuticas’ by Apolonio de Rodas

Book and review of ‘Las Argonáuticas’ by Apolonio de Rodas

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‘Las Argonáuticas’, by Apolonio de RodasIt is par excellence one of the oldest and most famous stories in all of Greek Literature, where the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece is told.

Las Argonáuticas is a work that is divided into four songs, the structure is perfectly defined, along with the well-established goal definition.

Its main characteristic is determined by the desire of the writer to operate under perfectly established schemes previously.

As is known to many, the story focuses on Jason and his desire to find the whereabouts of the Golden Fleece. It is in this way that the story begins.

Songs of Las Argonáuticas

First Song

Explained the reason why Jason sets out on his journey to get the Golden Fleece. Jason being the legitimate heir to the throne, he watches as his father Aeson is overthrown by Pelias. The latter, observing the desire to regain the throne, embarks Jason on an extreme search to be able to return the throne to him, a highly complex task from which he is not expected to come out with good fortune.

Jason accepts this mission and, together with his crew, takes command of the ship "Argo"On one of the most fantastic expeditions known to literature.

Second and Third Canto

As expected, both songs show us all the vicissitudes that the “Argonauts” are subjected to, endless obstacles that lead them to reduce their crew in different episodes, although they always have the watchful eye of their protective goddesses, Athena and Hera.

In these two books the main plot is developed, where Jason manages to find the fleece on Colchis and passing the tests to get hold of it. Once managed to pass the tests, the king breaks his word and Jason receives a ruthless attack, being the moment in which Athena and Hera intervene, who help Jason with the presence of the sorceress Medea.

Fourth Canto

In the last song or book, Jason's return to Yolco, in Thessaly, is explained, crossing the Danube, the Po, the Mediterranean and North Africa on his journey.

Here you can read free Argonautics of Apollonius of Rhodes.

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